2 weeks after the first infusion, I needed to have the second. I also had to have a fatty acids panel run. I think this had to do with the intralipids, but I’m not entirely sure.

Houston traffic will never cease to amaze me. On the way to the infusion site, I came upon an accident that had to have happened 30 seconds before. It was a fender bender, but several vehicles were involved. I carefully wove my may around and went on my way. About a minute later, two of the cars involved in the accident came speeding around myself and other drivers, recklessly weaving through traffic. One appeared to be chasing the other. Finally, the one being chased pulled over, rolled down their windows, and stuck their hands up in defeat.

My drive lasted about 10 more minutes. I soon arrived. Frankie was there and was going to be administering the infusion again. She was, again, as sweet as could be. It was December 20th and the transfer was scheduled for the next day. This infusion took 3 hours because the pump was set up incorrectly, as the infusion was supposed to be administered within 2 hours. I’m hooked on a show on Netflix right now and was able to get in about 3 episodes. I was a pretty chilly day outside and Frankie had apple cider she offered me.

I headed back to work and arrived around 2:30pm. There were doctor appointments to sit in on and then I wrapped up everything on my desk, sending several emails of instruction to the other adolescent therapist for the next few days, as I was scheduled to be on bed rest the 21st thru the 23rd.

I arrived home about 7pm and cleaned the house. Husband was headed home to be at the transfer the next morning. It was a busy, but fulfilling day. Ready to lounge around the next three days…