What do you do when you fall to sleep hours ago and woke up wide awake in the middle of the night? Apparently, I’ll be writing a blog post. I read that a side effect of the prednisone is insomnia. I’m not sure if that’s what’s going on, if it’s nerves, or if it’s all in my head. Probably a combination of those three. 

I had my blood work and ultrasound yesterday (Tuesday) morning before going in to work. When I was called back, I saw one of my favorite techs working. She recieved a promotion a while back and moved to a different office, but she was helping out at my office this morning. She is the one who has always called with the updates on the embabies, and that is what she is now doing full time for the clinic, so we briefly caught up on the phone last Friday when she called to let me know that one embryo was healthy. She shared with me that she missed that office, but was always happy to see names from The Woodlands, as she remembers many of the patients. 

Dr. S was in the office today and was the one doing the ultrasound.  While I was in the exam room waiting, I recieved a call from the place where I will be getting the infusion. Just as I answered, Dr. S and Michelle came in, so I informed her I’d have to call her right back. Lining looks good and it was a very quick appointment. I was back in my car in the parking lot within 15 minutes and called Dominique back. She told me the price of the infusion and that a nurse would be calling me later to set up a time. 

Work was going well when I recieved a call from the nurse, Phyllis, who is with the infusion place. She understood that we were working against time, as this needed to happen within a day or so, and said that they would squeeze me in about noon Wednesday. The location is not the best down in Houston. In fact, I know of a place that is opening up an alternative peer group (sober activities) for inner-city teens in that area that no one has gone to due to safety concerns.  It’s a good 45 minute drive from my house, with no traffic. I called them back to ask if I needed someone to come with me to be able to drive me home afterwards, but had to leave a message. They did not get back to me by the end of the day, but my mom offered to go along for moral support, as the infusion will take 2-4 hours. There’s probably safety in numbers too. 

I sat in during the doctor’s appointments with the kids and their parents this afternoon. It was a rough staffing and we had a lot of tears. Sitting in your office attempting to redirect while also validating kids as they yelled profanities at their parents can be exhausting. Needed less to say, I was ready for my day to be over. I had recieved a voicemail from Rachel, a nurse at my clinic, telling me that although my lining looked good on the ultrasound, my estrogen level was 222 and they want it to be 300 by now. I was told to add a second estrogen patch and to continue the estrogen pill 3x/day. Es.tro.gen.

I’ve taken up about a half hour typing this on my iPad. Still not sleepy. I’ll update again tomorrow (today) after the infusion.