I have been emailing the New York office since Wednesday. We have gone back and forth a few times. After my baseline appointment here in Houston on Wednesday, I made an appointment with an oncologist/hematologist Dr. G referred me to who will be administering the IV therapy. I will be meeting with him on Monday the 5th to review the protocol. Dr. S then contacted Dr. G to discuss my case.

I heard back from the ivf coordinator at the New York office on Friday and began to forward the emails to the nurses at the Houston office. On Wednesday, Dr. G began estrogen under the tongue 3x/day and an estrogen patch that is changed out every 3 days. The ivf coordinator sent the protocol. I was to begin Lovenox and prednisone with the estrogen on Wednesday, but we started it on Friday instead. The Lovenox is an injection 1x/day and the prednisone is a pill 2x/day. I’m also supposed to add Calcium 2x/day because the Lovenox and prednisone can weaken bones. Great.

Another injection was called in to a pharmacy in Massachusetts on Friday afternoon. This one is called Neupogen. It is to be administered 1x/day. This was an ordeal. I was at the salon for a trim and highlights (self-care is important) when I received a call from the Houston nurse telling me that she had contacted the pharmacy and that if I did not hear from them in the next 45 minutes, I was to call them. 45 minutes later, I was calling them. I was not on hold too long, but it took them a minute to find my script. We had to act quick. It was almost 6pm on the East coast and they had to get the order out to FedEx for a Saturday morning delivery.

This morning, we saw a FedEx truck drive by the house and I thought it was odd that it did not stop. An hour later I checked the tracking number and it said it had been delivered to its destination. It was not on our porch. I looked on all the porches in our cul de sac, but found nothing. It was about 50 degrees this morning and raining. I began to walk down our street and, 5 houses down, there was my package. It had my name and our address, but just at the wrong house. I knocked on the door to let them know I was taking a package off their porch, but no one answered. Just FYI…I may be on the Houston news in the next few days as a suspected package thief if the homeowners have cameras.

I was glad to have tracked down the delivery, as the medication was on ice and has to be refrigerated upon receipt. The hope is that the Neupogen will zero in on the immune disorders that may be contributing to my recurrent miscarriages. You can read more about that from the link two paragraphs up.

I’m still taking fish oil 4x/day, prenatal, baby aspirin, CoQ10, Vitamin D, and Deplin daily.

I am supposed to begin the IV intralipids  next week. This is what I’m going to the oncologist for. My immune system is hyperactive and the intralipids should help normalize things. This is for the Natural Killer cells. Each infusion will last over 2 hours. I saw the orders from the nurse in NY which included a home-health nurse coming to my house. I’d rather go in to the doctors office. Pepper barks like crazy when there is someone new around.

In addition to going in to Dr. G’s office weekly for blood work and ultrasounds, I will also go in for lab work next week once I have been taking Lovenox for a week for an anti-heparin xa level. This is to let them know if I am on a prophylactic dose of Lovenox. I have no idea what they are referring to in the previous sentences. I’m just really good at copying the info from the protocol email. Need a nurse friend to help me out there. The blood thinner will continue until a beta test.

And the last thing. I will also need to go to a lab for fatty acids blood work. I’m tired of typing. This is the 4th or 5th update today. Here is a link to the fatty acid thing.

Promise I’m done for today.