I received the much anticipated phone call from my doctors office yesterday. They had the results of the 2 embryos that had been biopsied and sent to the lab for PGS testing. Of the two, just one was normal. Just like that we went from 4 retrieved, 2 biopsied, and 1 healthy.

This one will continue to be frozen, as we have our little boy that will be transferred later this month on the 21st. People have asked if we will transfer 2, but my doctor is very conservative and the fact that I have already had 2 transfers without a successful pregnancy means that we will just do one at a time.

I found out the gender of the baby. I was floored.

Its a girl.

Its perfect.

I feel like these two frozen, healthy embabies are already a part of our family. I called Husband and told him that we had one healthy and asked if he wanted to know. He said: If you know I want to know. I told him it was a girl and he responded: No way! That’s awesome!!

He was so cute.

I was texting a friend today and she said that there is nothing like a daddy/daughter relationship.

We have both always wanted a boy first and then a girl.

God truly knows the desires of our hearts.