This cycle will never end.

Today is the 18th and final day of injections. Hallelujah.

I went in for my 10am appointment. I was called back fairly quickly and my blood was drawn, but they had me hang out in the conference room for a few minutes to wait for a specific exam room to open up. This room had an older machine, but it gives a better view. The nurse was telling me that because we are at such a crucial point, they wanted to make sure there was little to no doubt as to my progress (or my body’s progress…its not as if I really have any control over this).

I went across the parking lot to the hospital after my appointment to squeeze in baby snuggles with my cousin’s daughter who was born yesterday. I was at work around 11:15. Things went smoothly today, despite having to recommend residential treatment to a patient who has been unable to maintain sobriety from pot. I went back to read this paragraph again. It starts out with a sweet baby and ends with a teenager smoking weed. This is my life.

As soon as work ended today, I left to go to my church for a women’s ministry event. Had a great time visiting with some pretty amazing women and learning more about different ways to get involved with missions in my community.

So anyways…back to IVF…It was about 4:40pm this afternoon and I became nervous that I had not received a phone call from the doctor’s office. The office closes at 5pm and I wanted to make sure I was given instructions on the next step. I was told that the nurses were talking to the doctors and the surgery center to set everything up and that I would receive a phone call from a nurse in a few minutes. Sure enough, about 2 minutes passed  and my phone began to ring. I was informed that I would definitely be triggering tonight and that the retrieval had been scheduled for Thursday.

Before leaving the office after my appointment this morning, I requested the earliest procedure time so that Ross would be able to make his way back to his job site 3.5 hours away. The nurse told me that there are a number of procedures already scheduled for Thursday and that mine would not be until 12:45pm. The surgery center is about 45 minutes from our house without traffic. It has taken us up to 1.5 hours commute time during rush hour traffic in the past. We need to be there by 11:30am, which means we need to leave the house no later than 10:30am. Also, I cannot eat or drink anything after 12am tomorrow.

The Ovidrel trigger shots (there are 2) will need to be given at 1am Wednesday morning, as the trigger shot is administered 35.5-36 hours before the retrieval time. I went ahead and set an alarm to wake up at that time earlier this afternoon, but seeing as how it is 11:21pm here in Texas as I type, I will likely stay up, though, of course, I am more tired tonight than I have been in about a week. I think part of that is knowing that it is finally time to trigger and the wait is almost over. There has been so much build up to this moment.