And…………….One more day of stimulation shots. Went in for ultrasound and blood work this morning and was notified this afternoon that the doctor wants me to stim another night and come back tomorrow for another scan. When I said yesterday that this cycle seems to be going longer than the previous 2, I didn’t mean for it to go longer. It is looking like Thursday will be retrieval day. Taking a deep breath now…

After the doctor appointment, I went to work. I was there a few hours before going back to the hospital to visit my cousin who had a scheduled c-section this morning. I went back to work and about 10 minutes after getting to the office, I received a phone call from the nurse telling me that I would need to stim one more day. I have just 2 vials of Menopur at the house and take a total of 7 each night. They had enough at the office to get me thru tonight and I will go back tomorrow. It is likely that I will trigger tomorrow night, but not definite.

Again, timing is everything.

Went back to work to finish the afternoon group that I was scheduled to lead. Left work about 5:45pm and went to my monthly support group meeting for infertility that lasted 6-7pm. I have spoken to the leader of the support group, who is a marriage and family therapist and specializes in infertility and 3rd party reproduction. There has not been a peer led support group in my area in over a year and I have expressed interest in starting it up again. I sent an email a few weeks ago to and the responded with a video that I would need to watch about what to expect about leading the group. Tonight, at the end of group, I asked those present if they would be interested in attending another group each month. The response was overwhelming, so I plan to take an hour to watch the video and find out the next steps.

I’m exhausted today. More that I have been in the last week or so. I don’t know if it is the hormones again or if it is the stress related to IVF. I am a part of an online support group, which has also been pretty neat. Tonight they asked for prayer requests and then you would be responsible for praying for the person in the thread above you who shared a request. It is great to get together with the support group here locally, as some of them I have known for just over a year now. Then to be able to check Facebook after leaving the group to find prayer requests opened up to the group is so encouraging.

I thought this update would be different today. I thought I would be typing about the trigger shot I had taken and about the upcoming plans for retrieval day. That is not the case tonight. I’m not overly upset about it. Just tired. Tired of all of this. Yet, I know it will be worth it in the end. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.