I arrived on time (chronically late) to my doctors appointment on Friday at 10:45am. There were about 12 other women ahead of me. Apparently, Fridays are usually very busy. I have been spoiled this cycle because I have not had to wait long at all when I have gone in for my appointments.

Today is the 16th day of shots, for a total of 47 injections so far. This cycle seems longer than other cycles. Dr. G told me that he was a little nervous on Monday when he scanned me because I had been on a pretty significant dose of medication for a full week at that point and he was not seeing much progress. A nurse scanned me Wednesday and then Dr. G scanned on Friday. He was please with the progress, but wants to see me again tomorrow (Monday) morning for another scan. On Friday he thought it was likely that we would trigger Monday night and then the retrieval will be Wednesday morning. The “trigger” is 2 shots of Ovidrel that I will take at an exact time they tell me. This tells my ovaries that it is time to ovulate and release the eggs that have been growing in the follicles.

There are currently 5 follicles they are keeping their eye on, but likely only 4 will be ready for retrieval. There are 4 in my left ovary measuring 15.71, 12.45, 10.38, and 10.40mm. There is one follicle in the right (yes, they finally found my right ovary), but it is just measuring 8.45mm. This was on Friday and the follicles grow about 1mm per day. Again, they want the follicles to measure between 18-21mm.

I remember sitting down with Dr. G back in July and expressing my concern with the possible dilemma of having the endometriosis being removed and then all of a sudden having an increase in eggs. Y’all, I’ve heard there are actually people out there that have up to 30 follicles growing eggs. Dr. G said we would likely not run into that problem, but if we did, he would only fertilize the healthiest eggs. Reminder: 1st cycle they retrieved 6 eggs, but only 1 ended up being viable and 2nd cycle they retrieved 4, but only two were viable. One embaby was transferred September 2015, but I had a miscarriage at the end of October. The 2nd embaby is still frozen, but will be transferred in December, if all goes well.

Also, if you read my previous post, you know that I forgot to do the injections one night. The nurse was able to get back to me that same morning and let me know that all is good. Dr. G teased me about it Friday morning. I was so embarrassed, but he said it would be fine. Whew! They were glad I took them as soon as I woke up and remembered, rather than later.

The weekend has been nice and relaxing. Celebrated a friend’s birthday Friday night. Waited around the house Saturday morning for Fed Ex to deliver medications and after that went out to get some errands done. Church this morning and then went to look at some tile for our living room this afternoon with my mom. Ready for the upcoming work week. Makes it a bit easier when I know that I will be working just 4 days rather than 5. I’ll update again after the doctor appointment tomorrow.