Time has been flying by and I forgot to update on Monday. It’s already Thursday! 

I was at the doctor’s office on Monday morning and was able to meet with Dr. G. He was able to measure about 3 follicles in my left ovary, but was unable to definitively see my right ovary. He had a good idea of where it was, but there were other internal organs blocking the view. The three follicles were measuring between 8-10mm. 

I went back on Wednesday and was scanned by a nurse. She was able to see my right ovary right away. Things rearranged a bit in the last few days. She measured 1 follicle in my right ovary and 4 in my left ovary. The follicle in my right is a little behind, measuring 8mm. The follicles in my left ovary were all measuring between 9-11mm. They like for them to be measuring 18-21mm before retrieval. I will continue all medications and have another appointment Friday morning. 

Confession time. I forgot my injections last night. I can’t believe I did that, but it happened. I got home from work, ate dinner, watched some tv, and had an awesome 45 minute phone call with the husband. I actually made it to bed before midnight last night. If you know me, you know my sleep hygiene is not the best and I tend to stay up much later. It caught up to me yesterday. I took all my oral meds and fell asleep. I remembered as soon as I woke up this morning, just after 7am. I went ahead and did the injections right away and I left a voicemail for the nurse and sent a message thru the patient portal. I still can’t believe it even happened. 

Other than that, things have been going smoothly. Work has been good this week and my mood has greatly improved since the beginning of last week. I was in a funk. Hormones. Too many hormones. At least that’s the story I’m going with. 

I have another appointment Friday morning, which will make a total of 5 appointments in the last 10 days. I had to call the specialty pharmacy in Florida for a partial refill on the medications so that I have enough to get thru the weekend. I also called the other pharmacy in Massachusetts to fill the prescription for the two trigger shots. I’ll know more after the appointment tomorrow morning, but it is looking like the trigger shot will be Sunday or Monday night and the retrieval either Tuesday or Wednesday next week. The timing of the trigger shot is very precise because they schedule your retrieval 35.5 hours to 36 hours gather triggering. Timing is everything.