I had my third appointment at the doctor today. All the consents were signed on my part. Husband had consents signed, notarized, scanned, and emailed to the doctors office, but there is one left we will have to take care of tomorrow and then I will take it in on Monday when I am at the office for yet another doctor appointment. 

I didn’t go in to work on Tuesday. It was the first time in almost the 5 years since beginning this journey when I took a day off work without anything significant happening. I just could not get out of bed. I hadn’t received bad news. I hadn’t had a miscarriage. I’d had no procedure.

I just wasn’t up to it. 

My doctor has been out of town on business, so the nurses have been taking great care of me the last week and a half. Nicole, Megan, Teresa, Sharon, and Rachel are amazing women. I teared up at the appointment on Wednesday and was searching for validation with the crazy feelings I’ve experienced the last few weeks. Teresa was amazing and simply told me that I had been through a lot. That was all I needed. She didn’t tell me it would be okay. She didn’t attempt to brush off my tears. She grabbed a tissue, walked around the nurses’ desk, and hugged me. 

I’m not entirely sure if she was prepared for my full-on hug. Maybe she meant for it to be a reassuring pat on the shoulder, but in that moment I needed a hug, so I went for it. 

After that appointment I went to work. Y’all, I work with some amazing people. They checked in with me, asked how I was doing, but when I teared up again, they backed off. It’s also nice that I work with other counselors and therapists. 

Work has been good the last few days. Chipping away and the ever increasing mound of paperwork while getting the opportunity to train new hires and student interns. I love my job. Even on the crazy days. 

I spent about an hour on Thursday trying to refill a prescription for my main stimulation med, Menopur. I also contacted my sister in law who is a pharamacist to ask if she could help me out with some pharmacy math. With her help, I was able to determine that I would not need a refill for a different injection until after the weekend. It’s good to know people. 

So, back to today’s appointment: I arrived on time. Almost. Signed the consents and they pulled me back for the lab work soon after. I entered the exam room and waited just a few minutes until a nurse came in for the ultrasound. She had a hard time finding my right ovary, which is odd because that is normally the easier of the two to find. She had no problem at all finding my left ovary, which is typically more difficult to locate. The same thing happened on Wednesday, but it was still early enough in the cycle that it wasn’t a big deal. However, today it was just a little odd. Another nurse entered the exam room and was able to find what she was pretty sure was my ovary. Great. Just over a year ago when we were doing our second round, they couldn’t find the left ovary. Now the right. 

Pictures were taken and everything was wrapped up. I went to work for the rest of the day. I received a call and voicemail from one of the nurses, along with a text message to check my patient portal. Dr. G reviewed the labs and ultrasound results and wants me to go from 6 vials of Menopur to 7 vials each night. I have another appointment scheduled for Monday at 10am for more lab work and an ultrasound. Dr. G should be in the office. 

Husband was able to get off work early and made the almost 4 hour drive back home and actually beat me to the house. While I had a fun date night in mind, we ended up ordering take-out and watching a Dateline re-run. 9 years of marriage. That’s what it’s all about.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

The neatest thing happened though. While shifting through a variety of infertility bills and insurance claims that had arrived in the mail, husband tosses a package my way and says: This came for you. 

I had no idea what “this” was. I opened the envelope and found a book inside. There was no explanation. I thought my best friend sent it, but, after texting her, she completely denied having anything to do with it. She shared that she loved that someone sent it to me. The book is called “In Due Time” and had a handwritten message from the author with my name in the address. I did a little investigating and found the author on Facebook and noticed that the author and I have just one friend in common. My very thoughtful cousin. I sent her a text to verify and thank her. I also messaged the author and quickly received a response as well as an invite to an online support group. 

It’s amazing how blessed I feel tonight.