I was up early this morning because I couldn’t sleep any later. I was nervous I would miss the doorbell, although if any of you have met our dog, Pepper, you know there is no way she would ignore a doorbell. My cousin had offered to come by for coffee this morning. I took her up on that, but felt bad because as soon as she arrived, I headed for the shower to get ready for the day. It was just before 9 when she drove up the driveway and my doctor appointment this morning was scheduled for 10:15. 

My mom came to relieve my cousin, but they ended up hanging out until I came back home just before 11. Arrived for my appointment a few minutes late (typical) and they knew who I was. I didn’t even have to sign in. They asked if someone from the main office had contacted me, and they hadn’t, which wasn’t a big deal. These ladies at the front desk and the nurses at the nurses’ station are all on a first name basis with me and I am with them. Still undecided whether that is a good sign or not. Definitely don’t want to be known as “that” patient. 

I was called back as soon as I sat down. Bloodwork first and then the ultrasound. I was joking with my cousin before leaving the house because I was wearing a long cardigan that would cover my backside. They have one exam room where there is an awkwardly positioned mirror that reflects your naked butt to whomever enters the room. It is on the wall behind the exam table, so as others walk in you are facing them, but (no pun intended) your back is reflected to them. So much for that paper sheet for modesty. I laughed because, sure enough, that was the room that put me in and I had to take a picture to send to my cousin. 

I was in and out of the doctors office in less than 30 minutes. Headed back to the house and was almost rear-ended by a construction truck while sitting at a red light!! Drama seems to find me. I have no idea where the truck even came from, but it ended up partially in the median next to me. 

I received a text from my cousin when I walked into the doctor’s office that one of the packages had arrived. My mom later shared that the medicine was prayed over. So grateful for such an amazing support system. We all visited a while and then they headed out to finish their days. The second shipment arrived a few hours later and I went to work. Today was a late day for me anyways, as I had the late family group tonight. 

The rest of the day was uneventful. One shot, the micro dose Lupron, begins on Saturday morning. That one is twice a day. The Menopur begins on Monday evening. Back to the doctors office Wednesday for more bloodwork and an ultrasound. 

This one starts Monday. Just 6 days worth. Have to get a refill for the next 6 days.
4lbs of packaging including 2 ice packs and an insulated bag for this little bottle.