Here we go. Get ready for numerous updates. We finally received the call a few days ago that the insurance had authorized IVF. I called the nurse today to let her know that my last birth control pill would be tonight. She had me order all the medication and scheduled an ultrasound and blood work for tomorrow morning. 

I also found out that I will be taking the thyroid medication throughout the pregnancy. It didn’t hit me until a few hours later how hopeful that sounded. Pregnancy. As in successful. At this point, I’m just thinking about hearing a heartbeat. Blessed to have a team of doctors and nurses who use such hopeful terminology. 

After spending an hour on the phone to the different pharmacies and calling the nurse back a few times, most of the medication should be delivered overnight and arrive at the house tomorrow. I’m hoping that the deliveries will be before noon. One of the injections is perishable and is delivered on ice and has to be refrigerated. The meds are being shipped from two different pharmacies. One is coming from Florida and the other from Massachusetts.  

My doctors appointment is scheduled for 10:15am. My mom is coming to the house while I’m at the doc to wait for the deliveries, as they require a signature. I figured the required signature was the safest way seeing as how I wasn’t very comfortable with over $1,000 of medication just sitting on the porch. 

It’s crazy how fertility treatments and the medication required has completely warped my sense of a bargain. If you know Husband and I, you know we tend to save money. You know it’s messed up when I was pleasantly surprised that the meds were “only” a thousand (!!!!!) dollars. We’ve spent close to $5,000 for one round in the past, so this was definitely good news. Granted, that is just 6 days of meds when I will have to get a refill so that the 12 days of stimulation shots will be covered, but still, even at 2 thousand, it’s considerably less. 

The next thing on the to-do list is to rob a bank. Juuuuuuuussssssst kidding. Sort of.