August – Endometriosis Diagnosis

September – Gluten-free Organic diet prescribed

October – Thyroid levels are high–New medication

But first, let me back up.

September was a whirlwind month. Husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. I was sick for about 3 weeks with sinus stuff. Work was a nightmare. A deer hit me. Seriously. Smacked right into the side of my car.

I’ve been wanting to update the blog, but sitting down to type or even think things through seems too overwhelming some days. I’ve experienced increased anxiety in the last month and a half. I’ve been tired. I’ve been emotional. I’ve been numb.

I’ve also had some great time with friends. I’ve been to church. I’ve spent time with family.

No matter how difficult things get, I know that I will somehow manage.

I spoke with NY doc on the phone. He explained things to me that popped up on the immunology testing. Besides the endo, I have KIR, short for Killer-cell Immunoglobulin Receptor, markers on some of my genes. Doc said this was a secondary issue, as they can manage it with IV therapy after the embryo transfer. I have HY restricting alleles. Something about me being pregnant with a boy after having so many miscarriages…I’m really not sure, but there is an article here if you would like to read it. Doctor also mentioned something about HCH genes. I’m not entirely sure about that one, but he said, “And I know you know all about that.” Um, no. No I don’t.

Found out earlier this week that even though we have paid for a total of 8 embryos for PGS (genetic) testing, and have just had 6 embryos tested, they will not credit the remaining 2 to us because we did not use all 8 in one calendar year. Meaning, we have to shell out $$$$$ for additional testing. We have the PGS testing done on the 5 day old embabies because of the poor quality of my eggs. Example: 1st IVF round they tested 4 embryos, but only 1 was viable. The other 3 had numerous genetic mutations that would result in miscarriage. Seeing as how they have transferred a healthy embryo that still resulted in miscarriage, I prefer to experience as little heartache as possible at this point.

The good news: Husband and I are compatible. There are no immunological difficulties between the two of us.

More good news: I have refrained from Googling everything mentioned above, aside from what it is.

I received a phone call from the nurse about 10:30 this morning telling me that my thyroid levels are high. They prefer them to be less than 2.5 before a transfer. Mine are 3.4. I am starting a new medication tomorrow morning to help with this and will have labs drawn again in a few weeks to see if the meds are doing what they are supposed to. I do not know if this will postpone IVF round III, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will. Which sucks.

We had a plan. It was a rather nice plan, too. Dr. G here in Houston came up with it and NY doc approved it. We were set. Then they had to take 9 tubes of blood on Tuesday for routine tests since it has been a year since we ran those tests last. That’s how they came up with the wonky thyroid levels.

Stupid doctors and their stupid tests. They can stop. I’m afraid they are just going to keep finding something else wrong with me.

Today was a major cheat day on the gluten-free diet thing. Promptly after the phone call from the nurse this morning, I met my mom for an already scheduled breakfast and had a Nutella Banana Crepe. I also ate a little package of Goldfish crackers and a cookie at work. Gluten, gluten, gluten.


A friend who experienced infertility shared this video with me and I wanted to pass it along, hoping that it might encourage someone else…