On Friday I may or may not have walked 8 miles in NYC the day after having major surgery. Apparently, I was doing better that what they expect for the day after surgery. I was just experiencing some soreness and a little pain in my shoulders from the carbon dioxide they pumped into my abdomen to increase visibility. Walking helped, but I’m pretty sure when the nurse and doctor recommended that, they did not mean 8 miles.

A good friend of mine bought tickets for Boston with a trip into New York back in May, when I had the immunology testing completed. She would ask every few weeks if I would be going to New York or not and would say something about it being funny if we ended up there at the same time. Low and behold, it worked out that way. The husband and I met up with her and a good friend of her’s she was visiting. They were gracious enough to let us tag along.

We stated out with a ferry ride from Hoboken to The World Trade Center. Grabbed a cup of coffee and a banana-nutella crepe. Soon after, we found ourselves at the Shake Shack, where I consumed a chicken sandwich that could rival Chick-Fil-A. I know. Crazy.

White roses are placed on the names of the 9/11 victims on their birthdays

We walked until a popular roof-top bar opened where we had champagne with popsicles. Yes, I realize it had just been over 24 hours since anesthesia, but it was just one drink and the strongest pain med I’d had was a regular dose of ibuprofen. Please, no judgement. While sitting there, Husband received a call from Dr. V checking on how I was doing. I think he must have known what we were up to. Doc was not crazy that we were out instead of relaxing, but husband told him we were taking it easy.

We rode the subway to Central Park and headed to The Met for a few hours. Being in the middle of the city, it was amazing to be in the park and have the busy sounds almost disappear. We walked around Central Park a while and by this time it was getting close to 6pm; I was really starting to feel the consequences of being so active. We arrived back to the hotel around 7pm and we were both exhausted. Room service was ordered and sleep came soon after.

We made it back into Houston around 1:30pm Saturday afternoon. We drove straight to Whataburger for lunch and then headed to my parents house to pick up our puppy, Pepper. Visited with mom for a bit and then made our way to the house. I took a 2 hour nap and then went to the grocery store for a few things and back to the house for a movie.

Church this morning. So glad we have been encouraged by family and friends the last few years to become more involved. I know that part of the reason I was feeling so at ease these last few weeks was due to so many people praying and checking in on us.