In that order. Actually, it was Newark, Hoboken, Manhattan, Hoboken. But who’s really keeping track? My feet, that’s who! So. Much. Walking. 

It all started at 3:30am this morning when the alarm went off. We got ready and left the house for the airport a little after 4am. The husband had driven home from Corpus the night before and did not get in until close to 10pm. It was a very short night for us. We flew thru security and made our way to the gate. We (me) had guesstimated how much time we would need and it was pretty close. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before our flight began to board at 5:25am and departure at 6am.

The flight was fairly easy. I was stuck in the middle with the husband on one side and a seemingly sweet old man who did not speak any English and also had boundary issues on the other side. I often felt his arm, leg, or breath creeping my way. Especially as we were making the approach and he was practically in my lap leaning over to see out the window, which was over by the husband. But I couldn’t be upset about it. Annoyed, yes; but he was just so cute! 

Our bag was one of the first to show up at baggage claim, which was a relief (remember, we [I] cut the timing short). We found out that it is expensive to take a taxi from the airport to our hotel, but we made it. We are on a tight schedule today. We landed about 10:17am EST and wanted to drop off our luggage before going into Manhattan for the pre-op appointment at 1:30.  

After dropping off the luggage, we found our way to the subway. We took a train to The World Trade Center and had to get off there and then walk about 5 minutes to the next station. We were able to get some pictures of One World Trade Center and see the 9/11 Memorial. 

We got on the wrong train and realized it after one stop. We were soon going in the correct direction and feeling a little more confident with public transportation. It took a little longer than anticipated and we went straight to the doctor’s office and arrived with 5 minutes to spare. 

There was no waiting time and we were quickly shown to Dr. V’s office. He was very laid back wearing Converse shoes, salmon chinos, white linen shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms that showed off several tattoos. It bothered the husband more than it did me. Dr. V was very genuine as he validated our losses. When he found out that I am a marriage and family therapist and that I work with adolescents in particular, he immediately shared about an article that he read in the NY Times yesterday about childhood trauma and took out his phone to email the article to me. 

After a few questions, we went into an exam room where he performed an ultrasound. It did not take long for him to notice scar tissue by my right ovary. The more he looked, he was confident that my right ovary is stuck to the top of my uterus. He also noticed a lot of fluid where they do not normally see it and said this too could be due to inflammation. 

He then listened to the pulse of my uterus and there was something significant he found, but I know I cannot explain it well. Normally, you quickly see the rise of the beat and then it will taper down until the next beat. With mine, you see the quick rise of the beat, but then it immediately drops and is flat until the next beat, rather than a gradual fall. This could be huge for implantation and the embryo being unable to establish blood supply because of the way my pulse just drops. 

We went back to his office and quickly wrapped up the appointment. Both he and his nurse gave us suggestions for lunch. We were on our way and found a little cafe and had sandwiches that cost an arm and a leg. This was our first real meal of the day and we were starving at this point. We hopped back on the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked out to the first pillar/suspension thing taking pictures the entire time. Made our way back to the World Trade Center and bought tickets to go to the observation level, taking yet more pictures. 

It was 5:30pm at this point and we were both exauhsted. We took the subway back to Hoboken and checked into the hotel. Our room has an amazing view of the Hudson River and Manhattan. After resting a while, we ventured back out for dinner. Finally back to the hotel, winding down and getting ready for tomorrow. We appreciate all the texts and messages with encouraging words and prayers.  

Brooklyn Bridge
One World Trade Center
9/11 Memorial
Taxi from airport to hotel
Statie of Liberty from the observation level at WTC
Brooklyn Bridge from WTC
Looking down at 9/11 Memorial
My Texas man wearing boots on a subway.
View from hotel room
My view as I typed this blog post