Y’all, I’m from Texas, born and raised. Texas is known as the friendly state, but I have to take a minute to brag on my doctors in New York. They have been absolutely amazing! I am dealing directly with them rather than with office staff, which has been pretty incredible. 

First, back in February when I had my free 10 minute consult with Dr. B that quickly turned into 20 minutes so that he could take the time to answer questions and concerns that I had. 

Second, I’ve been in contact via email with Dr. V who will be performing my surgery next week. I even have his cell phone number. I emailed Dr. V yesterday, as I was following up after faxing him a pre-surgery questionnaire almost 2 weeks ago. I wanted to make sure that he had received it and find out if he needed anymore information. I had been told to not be surprised if Dr. V contacted me himself after sending in the questionnaire. 

{Side note: it never gets easier to complete these forms, as they ask for number of pregnancies -5- and number of miscarriages -5-}

He responded in less than an hour. He had not received it, so I scanned and emailed it to him instead a few hours later. He responded by thanking me for the document before the end of the night. 

I’ve always bragged about Dr. G’s bedside manner being so excellent, but I continue to come across more and more doctors in this specialty area who have such compassion for their patients. 

So, back to the title of this post, one week from today I will have another answer to part of this journey of infertility. I will either be diagnosed with endometriosis or they may find anything at all. 

That’s the scariest part about all this. I keep thinking to myself: What if we go all the way to New York for this surgery and they find nothing???? 

I think that I am in the habit of preparing myself for bad news. It’s weird that I would think of not having endo as a negative thing, but if there is no endo, what do we do and where do we go from here? 

Dr. G told me a few weeks ago that it was highly unlikely they won’t find endo. Dr. B has been suspicious of endo since our conversation in February. Somehow, I’m still not convinced.

Surgery is scheduled for 7:45am a week from today. The husband and I are flying out of Houston at 6am next Wednesday to arrive in Newark at 10:38am. We will drop off luggage at the hotel in Hoboken and then go into Manhattan for the pre-op appointment with Dr. V at 1:30pm. 

We will try to squeeze in a few hours of sightseeing since the husband has never been to NYC before. 

I’m more nervous about the pre op instructions than the actual surgery. Low fiber diet is prescribed to assist with visibility and recovery. Low dairy (I love cheese), no desserts (I’m addicted to sugar), no salads or raw veggies, and no alcohol (read: no wine) for 2 days leading up to the procedure. Leave it to me to be worried about the little things.