Endometriosis. I’m still not convinced. Dr. G (TX doc) spoke to Dr. B (NY doc) and, together, they agree. Dr. B was pretty convinced of Endo after our 20 minute phone conversation back in February. They have been able to rule out quite a bit and they both feel as though all signs point to endo.

What do we do from here? The next step is to schedule a laparoscopic procedure to confirm the endo diagnosis. I called NY after the consultation yesterday. Since it was 4:30pm on a Friday, the lady who schedules surgeries was already gone for the day, but the woman I was speaking to asked for a good number for me so that they can reach me Monday morning.

Dr. G said that he could do the surgery in Houston in the next 2-3 weeks. My only concern is that Dr. B told me that a lot of people have the procedure done locally and then they have to have it completed a second time in NY because the endo was missed the first time. I spoke to Dr. G about this. He said to do what I was most comfortable with and that if his sister-in-law was in the same situation, he would tell her to go to NY.

Another reason to go to NY to have the laparoscopic surgery completed is that Dr. B and Dr. V (performing the laparoscopic procedure) work closely with each other and Dr. V has specific interest in understanding and treating silent endo.

I tend to jump ahead with possible outcomes, and Dr. G knows this. I asked him: What if we go to NY to have the surgery done and there is no endo? His response: Highly unlikely at this point.

The timing of all this is very important. We have met our deductible for the year and just have 5 months left to have several procedures completed. We need to have the surgery done in NY in the next 4-5 weeks (August/early September) because I will need at least a month of recovery time (getting into October now) to make sure there is no inflammation when we schedule another stimulation and retrieval for a 3rd IVF in October/November. Then, during my cycle in December, we will do the FET for the one embryo we still have from the 2nd IVF round last year.

The results from the surgery will determine the next steps. Dr. G will follow Dr. B’s immune protocal. From what I understand, the stimulation meds will be similar to the last 2 IVF rounds we’ve completed, but that after the FET in December, I will have some sort of immune therapy. There is yet another doctor I will be working with at that point who is a local hematologist/oncologist who Dr. G has worked with on these cases who will administer the IV treatment.

I feel good knowing that we have direction at this point and there seems to be a plan. There are still a lot of unknowns, but we will just have to take this all one step at a time. Each step we take will determine the next step. What I do know at this point: the next 5 months will be crazy busy!

Stay tuned…