24 hours from now, I have a consultation set up with Dr. G here in The Woodlands review the results from the lab work that was drawn back in May. I really struggled emotionally trying to get everything together in preparation for the lab work the New York doctor needed, having to get it all coordinated with the lab in Massachusetts. However, in the last month and a half, things have settled down considerably. I feel at peace, whichever way the new goes tomorrow.

Easy to say that now. When I don’t have the results yet, but I hope that I am able to maintain this peace. I have continued to attend the monthly support group while we have been waiting and that has been a great source of encouragement. In fact, the husband attended the group with me in May and June. I cannot say enough how fortunate the husband and I are to have such a supportive group of family and friends surrounding us.

For example, the husband is out of town for his new job and will miss the appointment tomorrow, but I have had countless volunteers offer to go with me if need be. My mom will be going with me, if not only for the support, but to also have another set of ears taking in the information that is bound to overwhelm. Although, as I sit here to type this post, I am completely at ease.

Things to pray for: Consultation Friday 7/29 at 2pm CST; the husband, as he is away; Me, as I travel to meet up with him Friday when I get off work.