I was asked to write my experience with miscarriage for Austin Moms Blog last October. I have a friend who is a contributor and asked for my 2 cents. The post was put up for National Infertility Day, which is October 15. 

I was pregnant for the 5th time when I wrote this. I had my 5th miscarriage at the end of that month. I was so hopeful when I wrote this post. I thought we would be so close to having our baby in our arms by now, as I would have been due mid June

My hope is that by sharing my story, I can educate those who may not know someone affected by infertility, but also to encourage those in the trenches. Those who are giving themselves shot after shot. Those who feel as though their life revolves around a calendar or ovulation chart. Those who anxiously look toward their FET. Those who might be in the 2 week wait. Those who may be experiencing heartbreak and loss. 

I am still on this journey. I have good days and bad. But, as always, I have hope. 

Click here for the story I shared.