Today was the day they took 17 vials of blood from me and 3 from Ross. The phlebotomist there, Lori, is amazing! Most of the time I don’t even feel the poke from the needle. It was all routine from the time we got there today. No one else was in the waiting room and we were called back in less than 5 minutes. We carried in our two boxes that had been shipped the last few days. The first box with the vials was opened and Lori began taking out all the contents and reading thru the instructions. 

Before I knew it, she had everything organized and I was in the chair. It took about 10 minutes to draw all the blood. My veins kept giving up and I had to be poked a total of 3 times. She said this was because I have such small veins. It really wasn’t too bad. I’ve had other blood panels that have used 19 vials and 21 vials all at once. 

Ross went next and was done in no time. All in all, we were in and out in about 30 minutes total from the time we walked in until we were back out waiting on the elevator. Typically I have a 30-45 minute wait at the office, so this visit was a breeze. After putting so much effort into the timing of the shipments and this appointment, I was a bit apprehensive to just leave everything and trust that they would get it all packed and ready to go. 

Today was also the first time I was back in the doctor’s office for an official appointment since having my 5th miscarriage confirmed at the end of October. We had been back 2 times for consults with Dr. G. Once in November and again in December. It was great seeing some of the best nurses!! They are very compassionate and you really feel as though they are just as invested in this process as you are. 

It should be a maximum of 6 weeks to go over all the results with Dr. B up in New York. Actually, he will go over the results with Dr. G and then we will have a consultation with Dr. G. It’s a complicated process and because Dr. B is consulting with Dr. G because of the whole out-of-state issue and not holding a medical license in Texas, it adds more chaos into the mix. Just enough to keep life interesting. 

It’s crazy to think that our lab work will be in Massachusetts tomorrow. A distance of 1,867 miles from our house. Because we count travel time in Texas by hours (it takes forever to get anywhere around here) I looked at my good friend, Google maps, to find out that it would be a 27 hour drive. I’ve never been to Massachusetts, but my blood has. Weird.