What a Monday! I have been on the phone with a lab in Massachusetts several times since last Friday trying to coordinate my upcoming lab work. The lady I have been speaking to has been phenomenal and such a great help. She has been on the phone with me and my doctor’s office several times to get everything ordered.

She is sending the first kit to our house tomorrow (Tuesday). This will include 17 vials for me and just 3 for Ross for the couple’s immunology testing (all blood work). On Wednesday morning, the dry ice will arrive. We are to keep everything sealed until Thursday morning at 11am for our blood draws. The doctor’s office will then ship everything on dry ice back to Massachusetts to the lab that afternoon so that it arrives by Friday.

It has been quite the job to get all this set up with the right timing. I have been feeling very overwhelmed since completing all the paperwork and juggling phone calls, schedules, and work.

I set up a counseling session with a therapist I saw last year a few times who specializes in infertility. I will see her next week. I am also rearranging my work schedule so that I can attend a monthly support group meeting next Monday night. I have been especially anxious the last few weeks.

I am both excited and anxious for what the future holds. I am nervous for all the testing, but I was talking to my mom about this earlier this morning and she pointed out that I may have more answers after the testing. We may find out that we can go ahead with the next IVF round, we may find out I need to go to New York for a laparoscopic surgery to rule out endometriosis, or we may find out we need to begin the surrogacy process.

What I hope for most at this point would be more direction. Some sort of answer. Or at least eliminate some things that may or may not be contributing to infertility.

The good news for today: I was emailed last week by a former patient. She told me that she was graduating from high school in the next few weeks and that I had made it possible. Wow! It was such a sweet email to receive and a great update from her. She is presenting an 18 page thesis she completed for her senior project on Clinical Depression and the Church tonight and I will be attending the presentation. She interviewed me for the paper at the end of her treatment here back in August 2015. It is wonderful to have former patients follow-up and let me know how they are doing.