This is a day I thought I would be celebrating with my own children by the time I was 32.

Although my arms are empty, my heart is full. 

This is the first Mother’s Day in almost 4 years that I have not shed a tear. I was able to spend the entire weekend with my mom and amazing family friends in San Antonio. I was able to FaceTime with my sister who is currently in Africa sharing God’s love, and I came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were sent from my best friend wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. I received thoughtful texts and Facebook messages from friends and family offering encouragement. Ross and I went to Sonic and then a cupcake place before going to a park bench to enjoy our treats. 

Thanks, Dana! I wish you could have seen the goofy grin on my face!

Last year, I sat in church with tears streaming down my face after one of the ministers mentioned in prayer those who long to be mothers, but have been unable to conceive. Just days before it was confirmed that our IVF cycle had been unsuccessful. 2 years before that, I sat in church on Mother’s Day with such a longing in my heart to be a mother, not realizing at the time that I was actually pregnant, only to lose the baby mid June. 
As you can imagine, Mother’s Day the last few years has been something I have dreaded. But not this year. This year I am more hopeful. There are more updates for me to give, but for today I want to leave a link to an article I found most helpful. Ross’ cousin shared this article earlier today: An Open Letter to All Those with Mom Genes