So, it’s been a while. Last post was before Christmas. I didn’t think it would be very interesting to write that we were just waiting. B.o.r.i.n.g.  During the week between Christmas and New Years Ross was out of town. I had plenty of time to complete an online questionaire that the reproductive immunologist wanted. It was 17 pages of medical/pregnancy/IVF history. 

Due to my nature of being a procrastinator, I started it and never finished. I finally submitted it the second week of January. The morning after I submitted it online, I had an email in my inbox with yet another form to complete. At least this form was just one page. I got it back to them and they responded again quickly that the first available free phone consult would be February 10. It was about 4 weeks away at the time. 

Fast forward to today. It was a crazy day, as usual, but at 1pm CST I made the call to New York. The Dr was still busy with another call and they said they would have to call back later. At 1:29, the call came. He’s a really nice guy. I was driving Ross home after he’d had a routine procedure today and he was leaning over the console in the car trying to listen. 

It took a minute for the doc to get his computer set up the way he wanted. Then the questions started. Did we have any children? Had I achieved any pregnancies on my own? How many miscarriages? Had we done IVF? Dude, wasn’t this why I filled out 17 pages of history?? He said he had a few ideas. Were mine and Ross’ reproductive systems compatable? Probably, so he said that it would be low on the list of concerns. The one thing he said he was very suspicious of was endometriosis. 

He said that he wanted to follow up with a lot of immune testing and go from there. The testing can all be done in Houston. If anything points to endometriosis on the blood tests, he prefers me to come to NYC for a laparoscopy surgery for a definitive diagnosis. 

He mentioned having a lot of family in the Houston area, asked if I had any questions and then transferred the call to a billing representative. $$$

So, this is where we are now. It will most likely be the end of March before all the testing comes back. 

Infertility by the numbers:

5 miscarriages, 4 years, 3 clomid cycles, 2 IVF cycles, 1 frozen embryo left. 

And I still hold on to hope.