I had a 9:30am appointment Friday morning and Ross went with me because my anxiety was high. We waited almost an hour before being called back. I read something really neat that someone had posted somewhere about how to handle long waits at the doctors office. One of the suggestions was to pray for the other people who were in there waiting with you. There were about 10 other women and couples when we first arrived. I took time to pray for each one of them and then for my doctor and his staff. I noticed how this helped calm my nerves. 

After I was called back, they quickly got my blood drawn and Dr G stopped by to shake Ross’ hand and then greeted me by name. He could have just looked at my chart to know my name, but I don’t care! It was reassuring for him to take the time to stop and give a personal greeting. We were asked to wait in the conference room until an exam room was available. We finally got into a room and waited again. My anxiety was at an all-time high. The ultrasound at the beginning of this week seemed to go according to plan, but the second time I’ve ever had an ultrasound while pregnant, the news has always been bad. This had happened twice before with 2 of the miscarriages. 

A nurse came in and said that the doctor was very behind and asked if we wanted to continue to wait or if we minded if she did the scan. I told her to go for it. As she was looking, she said that she was trying to get the position just right so that we could see what she was seeing. She mentioned a fetal pole and a faint flashing, which is the beginning of a heartbeat! She heard the doctor coming out and went to grab him before he got too far. He came in a few minute later, asked how I was doing and my response was “Nervous, but I always feel nervous lately.” He placed the ultrasound and in less than 30 seconds he said he was seeing 2 things he was pleased with. (Whew! I can beathe a little easier now.)

He showed us where the fetal pole was, which shows us that our baby has established itself in my uterus. Then he pointed out the “flashing” the nurse had seen. Two different nurses saw it, the doctor saw it and Ross saw it on the monitor. I’m not really sure if I ever saw it and my doctor knew that. He took extra time because he really wanted me to see it too to help reassure me. He turned the sound on because he said that sometimes you can hear it better than you can see it. That wasn’t the case with our little bean, but doc said that when I come in next Wednesday, it will be much more likely that we will see the heartbeat. 

I’ll be almost 7 weeks by then. The nurse said that every Thursday is a new week for me, since I had explained to them earlier that I had to ask a friend how they keep track of the days. I’ve just never been far enough along in a pregnancy to have ever been measured and given a due date. I can only hope that I’ll continue to have more positive experiences at the doctors office to begin replacing the negative visits I’ve had in the past. This has been a good beginning. 

Check out the picture below. The little white dot that the arrow is pointing to is our little baby!