Finally, the last day!! I’m looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and seeing the kids I work with. Also looking forward to being able to move. Period. The day started out scrolling through Facebook, when I came across an article from Counseling Today. Since it is October 1st, it is also the beginning of National Pregnancy and Infant Awareness Month here in the US. The actual day of awareness is October 15th, which was established by President Reagan. I thought the article was a good read, especially as I was currently on bed rest after an embryo transfer and have a history of 4 miscarriages and infertility. I made a comment on the actual article and then shared it on my news feed. 

I then watched some TV and was texting friends and family throughout much of the morning. My cousin Elizabeth stopped by for a quick visit mid morning. Soon after that, my very good friend Lindsay stopped by with lunch and a visit with her two little ones. The afternoon was filled with more texts, Facebook and TV. Then my cousin Fauna came over with her husband and daughter. She had cooked dinner at her home and brought it over to share with us. I am so grateful for the outpouring of support that Ross and I have received the last few days. It would have been easy enough to do things ourselves, as Ross works from home and was here to keep an eye on me, but it means so much that our loved ones will go out of their way to come by and encourage us. 

There really is not much to report for this last day of bed rest. Ross and I are currently hooked on season 5 of The Walking Dead and watched a few more episodes of that before going to bed last night. I did call my doctors office earlier that day because Dr G mentioned twice after the transfer that I would need to come in Friday for blood work. I called and spoke to a nurse and she got met set up for a Friday morning appointment on the 2nd and then another appointment Tuesday, October 6. She said that he just wanted to keep a closer eye on me this time. They will be checking on my estrogen and progesterone. I’ll give another update again soon!

Oh! I almost forgot! Remember how I mentioned that I made a comment on the actual article in Counseling Today? The author of the article emailed me yesterday to personally thank me for my comment and how I had encouraged her. Mind.Blown. It was so neat to hear from her. She also shared words of encouragement. The article link is below: