I’m up, voluntarily, at 6am. Rarely does that happen, except on mornings like these. It was probably wishful thinking last night when I set my alarm for 8am, hoping that I would be able to sleep in. The morning of my last transfer, I was up at 4am, so I guess I’m making progress. 

Since I last posted, I have been to two acupuncture treatments. The first was last Thursday September 24th. I was too curious to sit back and relax. The needles felt like tiny pinches and some of them I didn’t feel at all. It took him all of two minutes to place the needles and then he covered me up with a blanket from the waist down, placed a warming lamp over my belly, turned on spa music and left me alone for 30 minutes. I tried to focus on my breathing and relax, but I kept opening my eyes to sneak a peek. 

The needles were placed from my knees to my toes, elbows to wrist, one just above and below my belly button and then a line of four right at my waist line. There was one right between my eyes on the bridge of my nose and one on the top of my head, which I didn’t even know was there until he came back later and took it out. I was clothed the whole time. He said it was okay if I fell asleep, but I knew that was not likely. I’m one of those people who can only sleep in a bed and the room has to be dark. Plus, my curiosity always gets the best of me and I was interested in the whole process. I did focus on my breathing and definitely felt relaxed after the full 30 minutes. 

He offered two supplements. I shouldn’t say “offered” because I paid 90 bucks for those things. I’m a sucker, but I’m willing to try anything that might help give us positive results this round. I called my doctor to make sure they were approved, which they were. The purpose of the acupuncture is to increase blood flow to the uterus which would give the embaby a better chance to stick. 

I also started my progesterone shots in oil the same day. Last night was the 5th night of the shots. It’s 2ml of oil administered by Ross, since I can’t get the angle right. The needle in 1.5″ long because the shot is intramuscular. It goes into my lower hip/upper butt area. I remember soreness with these shots the first round back in the spring, so when I wasn’t sore after the 3rd shot, I became concerned and called my cousin, who’s a nurse, to go over where we were putting the shot. Isn’t it crazy that I was worried that it didn’t hurt, rather than relieved? I’m still not 100% convinced, but Rebecca assured me that with an inch and a half needle, the progesterone was getting to where it needs to be. Because it’s in oil, it takes Ross about a minute to push it all out of the syringe. It really doesn’t hurt, aside from the initial stick. 

On Sunday, I began the Lovenox injections. This is a blood thinner Dr G feels may increase our odds of an embryo making a good stick. The shot is one I give myself. It’s in a pre-filled syringe and I give it daily on my belly. The nurse told me that some people go in rows so they wouldn’t give it in the same place twice, but after my second dose yesterday, I have no concerns being able to tell where I put the last dose. I have small round purple bruises at each injection site. The nurse at my clinic warned me that my belly would be black and blue. Again, I’m willing to do whatever it takes! 

Prednisone was added to my daily cocktail of medications, hormones and vitamins on Monday. I take two a day for just four days, but seriously? Another pill??

My second acupuncture treatment was yesterday, Monday September 29th. The acupuncturist has practices in two locations. One in The Woodlands and one down in Houston. The Woodlands office is not open on Mondays, so down to Houston I went. The drive was about 40 miles. I was able to go back as soon as I got there. The needles were placed in the same general areas as before, but not in the exact same spots. He also hooked up this device to two of the needles on my belly that sent electric waves. He assured me that it would not hurt. It felt like light vibrating on my stomach and after a while, I hardly noticed it. After the needles were all placed, it was the same drill as last time with the blanket and the music. I was able to relax more this time, but no falling asleep for me! Drove back to work after that and finished up my day. 

After work yesterday, I was able to go to an infertility support group. It is always held on the last Monday of the month. It is facilited by a counselor who focuses on working with couples and women facing infertility. Some might remember when I was raising money for a Resolve walk last spring. Resolve is a non-profit organization that helps bring awareness to infertility. This support group is also through Resolve. 

Five of us there knew each other from previous meetings and there was one new woman. We discussed how infertility is a medical diagnosis and that often our friends and family members are not always sure how to react. Part of that is that there still seems to be a stigma of shame associated with infertility. While infertility is not life threatening in most cases, it is still a diagnosis that so many couples are unsure of how to deal with. It was a good group and it so encouraging to be there. The hour always goes by too quickly. 

Well, if you are still with me, congratulations! You made it to the end! And, typing this on my iPad took almost an hour. It’s close to 7am now. We will be leaving the house just after 9am to make sure we get there by 10:30am. Procedure is at 11am. Prayers are greatly appreciated!!