I haven’t really updated that many times, but some days it feels like it! I went to the doctor yesterday, Monday September 21. Another ultrasound and blood work done. The nurse said that everything was looking good and that they would contact me when they got the lab work back that afternoon. They called and left a message while I was leading a group with my teenagers, so I didn’t get to listen to the message until after office hours. Doctor reviewed my labs. Remember that estrogen pill I take under the tongue three times a day? He wants me to start inserting one of those pills vaginally. Ew. Gross. Sorry to any of the male readers that just read that, but I’m pretty disturbed by it too, if it makes you feel any better. 

When I left the clinic yesterday, the plan was to have me come back Thursday the 24th for another ultrasound and blood work, but they want me back on Wednesday the 23rd instead. I’ll update again tomorrow when I know more. 

I’m scheduled to begin acupuncture on Thursday. The initial appointment is 60-90 minutes long. I’ll go back 24 hours before the transfer and then again 3-4 days after the transfer. The acupuncture is supposed to increase blood flow to the uterus to help improve the odds of IVF. At this point, I’m willing to try anything. Plus, it’s supposed to help decrease stress and anxiety. I’m hoping for positive results.