Had my baseline ultrasound and blood work appointment this morning. Had the blood draw first and then sat in the conference room waiting for a room to open up. The nurse came back and told me I could go to room 3. Same drill every time…naked from the waist down. I’m sitting there with a paper sheet on my lap and hear a knock at the door and someone asking me if I was ready. I replied that they could come in and then I hear “The door’s locked.” What?!?!?! What am I supposed to do? I get up and slowly walk over to the door, praying my paper sheet is keeping me modest (probably not) and I open the door a crack. 

I let the nurse in and quickly say I had no idea how it locked and she brushes it off like it was no big deal. If these appointments all of a sudden weren’t awkward, I might be concerned. I go back toward the exam table and whack one of the stirrups with my leg because I was walking backwards to try to keep from flashing the nurse. 

She congratulates me on the 2 healthy embryos (yay!) and starts the ultrasound. I warn her that my left ovary was very difficult to find last month. She says that one of the other nurses might come in to check on us to make sure everything was going well, so someone had already warned her about the ovary. She spent some time looking at my uterus and took a few screen shots for Dr G to review later since he was in surgery this morning. There was another knock at the door and the nurse said it was alright to come in and then I hear “It’s locked.” (Again?!?!) the nurse who was in with me tells her that everything is going fine. This girl finds my left ovary right away! Where was she last month?? She did have a bit of trouble finding the right, but she still found it. I know the ovaries typically take turns alternating months, but it appears when it’s an off month, that ovary takes it pretty seriously. Last month it was the left and now this month it is the right. 

I asked her a few questions about timing for the transfer and what to expect. She said they would likely call in the prescriptions today and that Dr G would review the scans and lab work and they would let me know more later in the afternoon. I got an email a few hours later from the pharmacy letting me know my prescriptions were ready. I decided to go ahead and pick them up since I had a late night tonight at work because I had the family group from 6-9. The nurse called about 1:15pm and said that Dr G wanted to get everything started today. I told her that I had stopped to pick up the meds on my way in to work and she directed me to go ahead and start. So far, it’s the same as the last round of IVF that we did in the spring. Estrogen in a pill form 3 times a day under the tongue until it dissolves and an estrogen patch that is changed out every three days. It’s a different brand of patch this time, but I don’t think it makes a difference. 

I remember the main side effect of the estrogen last go-around was hot flashes, which is clearly stated on the label. The hot flashes started within a few hours of my first dose today. Other than that, I can’t complain. The last week or two at work have been stressful and I unexpectedly had to lead multi-family group with 6 families tonight, so about 10 minutes before I had to bring them back from the waiting room, I turned off the overhead lights in my office leaving just the light from my desk lamp and window, closed the door, sat in my chair and tried to clear my head and spent some time praying for the families. Group went well, despite some tension among family members. 

I’ll go back to see the doctor on Monday morning September 14th.