anniversary flowers

Mine and Ross’ 8 year wedding anniversary was yesterday, September 1. We have experienced quite a bit together in those years including both good and bad times. We have supported each other through the grief of losing family members, through job successes and losses, and through the ups and downs of our relationship.

I’m not naïve enough to think that this whole marriage thing will be sunshine and rainbows, but I never imagined how difficult infertility would be. It has been almost 4 years since we began trying to have a family of our own and we have experienced extreme happiness all the way to extreme loneliness. I have to give a lot of props to Ross. He’s been amazing through it all. I know when I was at my lowest of lows during the year or two that I was experiencing depression, that there had to be days that he wanted to pull his hair out. But he didn’t. He loved me through it all.

There is absolutely no one else that I would want to have with me on this journey. It has made us a stronger couple. I know that we can do this, but it has to be together. He is my rock through thick and thin. He’s the person that I go to when I want to cry, scream or just be there with me in the silence. He’s the person who will laugh with me at the most inappropriate times as we attempt to find some humor along the way. He’s the one person that just gets it. I forget sometimes that he is going through all the hurt and disappointment too. This journey has been a difficult one for both of us, but I know we will get through this.