But, who’s counting? ME! That’s who! ☺️ Pictured above are the last two shots I had to take for this stim round. They are pre-filled syringes of Ovadril that have been hanging out in my fridge for the last few weeks. Yesterday morning was my doctor appointment and they called with my lab results in the afternoon letting me know that I needed to do the trigger shot (Ovadril) at exactly 7:45 last night. 
The pre op nurse also called yesterday to confirm the Friday morning retrieval procedure and go over all my current medications. She even asked about the partially collapsed lung I had in high school in 1999. My procedure is set up to begin at 7:15am, which means we need to arrive no later than 6:15am. The surgery center is in Houston off of Westheimer and Fondren, which, with no traffic at all, will take us an hour to get to. We need to leave our house no later than 5am tomorrow morning, but thanks to my new CrossFit habit, that actually does not seem too early. 

The nurse from Dr G’s office told me that the reason my surgery time is so early is because the doctor already had a surgery scheduled that morning and he has to be back in The Woodlands by 9am to start seeing patients. This practice has a dozen doctors who are more than qualified to do my retrieval if necessary, but it was great to see how invested Dr G is in our IVF journey because he wanted to be the one there to do the procedure. 

During our first cycle of IVF in the spring, my numbers were just a little off, so Dr G wanted me to do lab work at 8:30am on a Saturday. The only office open on the weekend in their practice is downtown Houston, which meant an hour drive. I got to my appointment and the nurse told me that Dr G was there that morning only because he wanted to be the Dr who did my ultrasound. Again, I felt like a patient he really cared about and not just another number. He came into the exam room and told me that he wouldn’t ask his patient to do something that he was not willing to do himself. If I had to be there on a Saturday morning, he was going to be there too. 

Back to tomorrow morning: same old routine. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight tonight. Wear loose and comfy clothing. Don’t forget socks.  No driving for 24 hours. The procedure will last all of about 15 minutes and then I’ll be in recovery where Ross will meet me and we will find out for sure how many eggs were retrieved. From the numerous ultrasounds I’ve had in the last 14 days, it’s looking like I have 3 good eggs with another possible 2 that might reach maturity by the time of the procedure tomorrow morning. 

I’ll post an update tomorrow. We will probably be on our way home by 9am and I get to hang out and be lazy the rest of the day until a friend picks me up for our all girls fantasy football league draft tomorrow night. 🏈