Had another dr appointment this morning. Blood work and ultrasound was due today. Poor guy has given up on my left ovary. We were hoping that by today, it would be more visible, but at this point Dr G is thinking that the left ovary just fizzled out this cycle, which is a bummer. We were really hoping for more eggs this stim cycle. So far, it’s looking like 3-5 eggs will be retrieved. The first cycle we had 6 to work with and only one was healthy. Three of the eggs are measuring great and are between 15 and 17mm, which is right on target. There are two more eggs that Dr G is hoping that with a few more days of stim meds, they will also increase in size. 

Dr G said that during the retrieval, they will have a better opportunity to look more thoroughly at the left ovary since I will be asleep and they won’t have to worry about me being in pain while they look for that organ that is enjoying its hiding spot. They are having a difficult time locating that ovary because of the way my uterus tilts back and to the side. Any time a Dr or nurse mentions the tilt of my uterus, they are always quick to follow that up with, “but that’s okay, completely normal.” 

As of now, we are looking at a retrieval date of this Thursday the 27th or Friday the 28th. Dr said they definitely would not push the retrieval as far as Saturday. Dr G said that if my lab work comes back this afternoon telling us that my hormones are at the correct level, then they will most likely trigger me (2 different shots that I have not talked about yet) on Wednesday and the retrieval will be on Friday. But, as always, IVF is a waiting game and requires patience and flexibility.