1. First round of IVF back in the spring, I gave myself the shots in our bedroom. This time, because one of them has to be refrigerated, I do the shots in the kitchen and totally feel like someone might see me and think I’m doing drugs or something, but that would only be possible if they were standing in my backyard, which creeps me out. You might say I’m a bit paranoid. Maybe I should talk to someone about that…
  2. My cousin sent a text message earlier telling me that she was getting her 2 year old ready for bed when they sat down to say their prayers. My cousin asked her daughter who she wanted to pray for tonight and she responded, “Manda annnnd Ross.” My heart melted.
  3. My high school English teacher is following my blog and I’m concerned about the grammatical errors she will find. Mrs. Anderson, if you are reading this, I want you to know that I can still recite the 48 most commonly used prepositions and there is a good chance that you will read more than one sentence that ends in a preposition, which I know is a no-no. Fair warning. 😉