ivf: round 2 — July 29, 2015

ivf: round 2

I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted to start this post. I made the blog private a few months ago, but didn’t make any new posts anyways. A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to write again, but wanted to wait until I had something to write about. As in IVF. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share so much more than our IVF journey. IVF is just a small portion of our life and just a blip on the radar when I step back and see the big picture. But, then again, IVF is HUGE!!! It is very intense and seems to take over my life. Writing down my thoughts has been such a great way to get some of this out of my head. I am constantly second guessing myself and always worrying about the next step. It has been amazing to connect with other women from all over the world who are facing similar struggles.

Before I share about today, I’ll review our summer so far. The biggest change has been starting CrossFit. I never would have seen myself doing some of these workouts, but once I survived the first few weeks, I started looking forward to going. It has been just over four weeks since starting, but I can already feel and see a difference. The exercise has been good for me emotionally as well as physically. I have no control over IVF, but I can work out and set goals for myself in other areas of my life. Side note: my CrossFit coach broke her ankle in three places on Sunday. I am happy to report that her injury was NOT CrossFit related!

Other than that, everything has been pretty much the same. Working on endless home improvement projects around the house, working, and spending time with friends and family. We have been out to the farm a few times this month, which has been a great get-away. Had a coffee date with my mom this morning after the doctor appointment. Staying caught up with my sister and her family who are currently serving as missionaries in Zambia.

So, back to the title of this post. IVF. Round 2. I really feel like I’m ready for this. I’m in a good place. Ross and I are in a good place. We are so fortunate to have the support that surrounds us and is always ready to help us in any way. I cannot express how grateful we are for our friends and family. Ross and I were driving back from the farm on Sunday and we talked about trying IVF again. I asked him if he was ready and he wanted to know if I was ready and pointed out that I would be the one taking all the medications and giving myself shots and waiting endlessly at the doctors office a few times each week. We talked about it some more, and decided to go for it. I called the doctors office Monday morning and had an appointment set for this morning, Tuesday. We were supposed to get up for CrossFit this morning, but we decided to sleep in. I forgot to tell you that the alarm goes off at 4:20am on CrossFit mornings. Yeah.

Made it to my 10am appointment, which is a time that I feel is much more appropriate to be up and running around. They called me back for lab work pretty quickly and found out that my prenatal labs would be out of date in August, so they wanted to take not just one tube of blood, but 7. I actually thought it would be even more than that. I’ve had up to 19 tubes of blood taken at just one appointment in the past. They also needed a urine sample. Of course, I had just emptied my bladder. Lab work was done and I was told to go to room #1. There I sat and waited a good 15 minutes while naked from the waist down. I did have the trusty paper sheet over my lap, so I guess that was positive??

A doctor and nurse came into the room. I saw a different doctor today, as my regular doctor was at another location. This is where things became a little uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable, I mean a.w.k.w.a.r.d. He couldn’t find my left ovary. Seriously. He manipulated the ultrasound wand every which way, apologized a few times and finally was able to see the ovary he had been looking for for several minutes. By far the longest ultrasound I have had up until this point. I’m the kind of person than typically can find humor at the most inappropriate times. This was one of them.

I start birth control tonight and go back to the office August 5 for an education meeting with the nurse since they are changing up my meds this go-around. I will have 4 injections each day, compared to 2 injections last time. It sounded like things would move along fairly quickly after that, as long as my lab work from today looks good. Time will tell. I’ll keep you updated.