One thing I’ve learned about the IVF process is that waiting is a huge part. We waited another few weeks. These weeks were filled with blood work and ultrasounds. Everything was looking good. No fluid in my uterus this cycle. We were set. Once again, I asked for a few days off work for the prescribed 72 hours of bed rest, but knew I would actually be taking these days off. We shared the news with family and friends. Everyone was excited for us.

I learned a while back that it is better to share what’s going on with this process rather than keeping it to ourselves. At least for Ross and I. Or maybe just me. When I had been pregnant before, we were keeping the good news to ourselves, hoping to have a surprise announcement for everyone. The “surprise” announcement ended up being that we were having a miscarriage, rather than a pregnancy. This happened 4 times. It was too much and the emotions were too hard to keep to ourselves. I wanted to share our good news while we could, as the outlook at times appeared so bleak. We have had a lot of support throughout this process. There have been so many encouraging emails, texts and calls. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

We knew we had just the one embryo, but we also knew that it was healthy. My uterus was looking good. We went in feeling confident. The doctor was confident. The process of the transfer was very interesting. I was alert and able to watch the monitor to the side of the bed. The nurse handed us a picture of the thawed embryo from the lab.


5 day old embryo

Things were continuing to look very promising. The transfer was a quick procedure. I was in the OR for about 15-20 minutes. We were talking to the doctor about our weekend plans and the procedure was over before we knew it.


the squiggly arrow is pointing to the bright white spot that shows where the transfer took place.

We spent a bit of time in the recovery room when the wheelchair came by to pick me up to take me out to the car. We drove home and 72 hours of bed rest began.

Now it was time for the 2 week wait before the pregnancy test.