We knew we had one itty bitty baby. A 5 day old embryo that is technically called a blastocyst. I now know more medical terminology and have more knowledge of the inner workings of my body than I ever cared to know. I definitely was not prepared for all this. I mean, doesn’t this baby thing just happen? That’s what I was always told anyways.

So, back to the waiting part…It was a few days before our scheduled transfer. I had already asked for three days off of work, as my doctor was prescribing bed rest for 72 hours after the transfer. I was taking an estrogen pill three times a day under the tongue and wearing an estrogen patch that was changed out every 3 days, along with about 8 other pills each evening…a mixture of prescriptions and vitamins.

It was Friday morning and they saw fluid in my uterus. Fluid that should not be there. The nurse assured me they see this sometimes and that when I came back on Monday, the fluid would be gone since I was to begin my progesterone shot that night. A 1.5 inch needle. Intramuscular. A syringe filled with an OIL based progesterone so thick it takes almost a full minute to administer all the medication. A shot Ross had to give me on my backside…lovely. I’m making it sound worse than it was. It really wasn’t that bad.

Back to the doctor Monday morning. I had my regular blood work and the nurse was doing the ultrasound checking the lining of my uterus when, guess what? The fluid was still there. She assured me that my doctor “has many tricks up his sleeves” and that they would contact me later that day with the results. 

The nurse called that afternoon to let me know that the transfer would be postponed. This was definitely disappointing, but she reminded me that, with the one embryo, they wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. I was getting off the phone with the nurse when I received another incoming call. I answered and it was my doctor (have I mentioned how awesome my doctor is? No? He’s awesome). He reiterated what the nurse had just shared.

So now, we were waiting again.